Meet the Staff, Board, and Our Partners


OCARTA is led, governed, and staffed by people in long-term recovery who utilize their depth of knowledge and experience to provide personally tailored services and empathetic ears.

Donna Woods


Donna Woods-Bauer refers to herself as a woman in recovery first and then a professional. Her recovery began the day she picked up the phone and called a friend in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and went to a detoxification center in Oklahoma City in 1994.  After that, Donna graduated from Oklahoma State University in December of 2000 with an Associates of Science degree in Substance Abuse Counseling.

After receiving her certification as an alcohol and drug counselor (CADC), Donna put her formal education on the back burner.  Instead, she founded the Oklahoma Citizens Advocates for Recovery and Transformation Association (OCARTA), in February of 2002. With funding from the ODMHSAS, the agency began advocating for the rights of individuals, families, and those in recovery with addiction to receive help.

One of Donna’s first notable achievements as leading OCARTA came in 2006. At that time, OCARTA was awarded a SAMHSA-CSAT Grant to help indigent women with children coming out of treatment and prison break down the barriers keeping them stuck in recidivism and relapse.

A great listener full of integrity, her primary role is to motivate others and manage the vision and purpose of the organization. She has traveled throughout the state of Oklahoma to promote Community Sentencing programs, the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (ODMHSAS), Drug Courts, and Peer Recovery Support Specialist programs. With Donna at the helm, OCARTA continues to move forward with its mission of grassroots advocacy, education, and peer recovery support services for all those affected by addition and/or mental illness.

The task is not to become normal. The task is to take up your journey of recovery & to become who you are called to be.

The OCARTA Staff


Like phoenixes rising, OCARTA employees have survived their trials by fire, rebuilt themselves from the ashes, and are ready to help others do the same. 

Whether you need mentoring, accountability, or someone to listen, there’s always an OCARTA staff member waiting to support you. 

Get to know a little more about each of our staff, and how they can serve you!

Barbara Chamberlain

C-PRSS, First Responder, Recovery Coach, and Women Ambassador

Barbara is a woman in long term recovery, who is a wife and mom of 4, who has dedicated her life to helping others seeking recovery. She lives near OCARTA with her husband, daughter and 3 dogs. She enjoys gardening and anything outdoors, as well as spending time with her family, including her 5 grandchildren. Barbara came to OCARTA to learn to become a PRSS, and after being certified, came to work at OCARTA in October 2020. She mentors other womxn in recovery, is part of our outreach program, plans events, and facilitates groups using her own lived experience from domestic violence, alcoholism and mental health challenges. She is also a youth ambassador for OCARTA, and works with our youth in YELLO as well as doing youth outreach. She is a Certified Personal Medicine Coach and Behavioral Health Wellness Coach, and has special training as a PRSS in veterans, gambling and mental health first aid for youth

“Recovery is a journey, not a destination”

Phone: 405-819-8846


Monica Delclef

C-PRSS, Peer Leader Coordinator and Housing Ambassador

“Mentors are instrumental in breaking down barriers that are keeping those new to recovery from becoming successful”

As the Peer Leader Coordinator, Monica Delclef recruits peers in the recovery community that she feels can use their experience, strength, and hope to help mentor individuals who are new on their journey. Her mentors empower OCARTA’s newer participants to gain independence and self-sufficiency. Monica, herself, has been a woman in long-term recovery which started in 1996 and solidified 2013. She believes wholeheartedly in Recovery and the Recovery Community, without which she would not be where she is today. Her guiding principle is to always lead by example in order to show herself, her peers, and the world at large that recovery is a reality.

Ph: 405-532-0073


William Martin

                  C-PRSS, Recovery Coach and Veteran Ambassador

William, a Vietnam Veteran & a Recovering alcoholic, came to OCARTA at first as a participant and then soon started to volunteer his time, helping anywhere and any way he could. Not long after his volunteering began he was presented with an opportunity to work more closely with the V.A.; William has gone through the V.A.’s mentorship training program and now also mentors Veterans at the V.A. Medical Center using his personal Recovery/Survival story to help empower and advocate for others who are trying to get into Recovery themselves. William is now a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist and a Recovery Coach here at OCARTA. He is a gentleman in long-term Recovery and because of that Recovery, he enjoys time spent with his large and loving family consisting of his children and his grandchildren. He is grateful to be able to be a loving Father and Grandfather.  

Phone: 866-848-7555


Tyler Ross

Recovery Coach, Mentor, and Youth Ambassador

“If mental health awareness was a priority for everyone we would live in a utopia.”

Tyler is a proud Okie, born and raised on the North side of Oklahoma City. He attended John Marshall High School and started at SNU. He loves old movies, sushi, and basketball. He is also successfully living with Paranoid Schizophrenia, type II Bipolar disorder, and clinical depression. Thanks to the right medication & therapy his life has changed tremendously, all for the better. Helping those struggling with mental illness is his passion. Tyler is a strong advocate for mental health reform and is very eager to be of service! Boomer Sooner! Thunder Up!

Phone: 405-436-7366


Brandi Vore


Acting Executive Director, Trainer, and DEI Ambassador

Brandi Vore is a 38 y/o person in long-term recovery, who has her bachelor’s degree in Operations Management. She has two children and is married to her best friend and love of her life, David. She has worked in the substance use and mental health field for over ten years and has held several positions throughout that time. She is a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist with specialized tracks in Supervision, Youth, Veterans, and Elderly Assistance.  Finally, she is a Certified Strengthening Families Facilitator and Trainer as well as a Job Club coach and trainer for Mental Health First Aid-Youth and Adult.

~”The war inside can not be fought alone.”-Brandi Vore, 2020

Phone: 405-436-4083



Laycee Williams

C-PRSS, Mentor, and Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Laycee Williams, I am 32 years old. I am a natural-born Aries. I have two sons; Caydon is fifteen and Kyzer is seven. I grew up in a small town, my father was the chief of police. I had two amazing, loving parents. My parents got a divorce when I was ten. I moved to Duncan Oklahoma with my mom. After a long journey of poor decision-making and wearing handcuffs, I surrendered. In March 2021, I entered the ReMerge program and upon completion, my aggravated trafficking would allow a dismissal. I began working on myself and putting one foot in front of the other. I started digging deep within myself. Starting to learn who I was. I realized helping other people who struggle with addiction, mental illness, and other things like the things I have been through where my passion and what keeps me sane. Being able to give hope to others is the best feeling in the world. Being able to empower women, and inspire others has been my biggest blessing. My values and morals have changed so much with my growth in recovery. I am making a difference in breaking the cycle of addiction in my family. I am giving hope to others who are living a lifestyle I once knew so well. I now have a successful life worth living and can give hope to others. I am living proof RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!

Phone: 866-848-7555




Veronica Woods

Director of Operations, Case Manager II, and Family Care Coordinator

Veronica Woods has a double bachelor’s degree in Forensic Psychology. She is beginning her journey at the University of Central Oklahoma to get receive her master’s degree in Addictions Counseling. Her goal is to become a LADC to start offering more services for OCARTA. She has been apart of OCARTA since it first opened its doors but has been full time since July of 2021. She has a passion for this type of work because she was raised in 12-step rooms and believes everyone deserves help whether it is from any addiction, substance use or mental health. She is the Family Care Coordinator for the SAFER Initiative, does financials, helps people get their life back that they may have lost, and is the right hand of the executive director and office manager. 



Tina Lewis

Hi every one, My name is Tina. I am a CPRSS here at Ocarta and just being a part of the team is such an amazing journey with some amazing people and brings so much peace and gratifying. I’ve been clean and sober for 8yrs and Ocarta helps me stay that way and we can help you too.

Shane Lunsford


“We do recover and I’m living proof.”


My name is Shane and I am 49 y/o and I have 2 sons, Dameyune and Christian and a grand daughter named Scout. I grew up in the heart of OKC on the southside. I come from a dysfunctional family; my mom and dad both had substance use disorders and divorced when I was young. After that I was sent back and forth from one parent to the other. I never really felt love, I felt like a burden and I would rebel against my family and the world. I starting using at 12 y/o an hated myself so much I would intentionally try to overdosed to end my life.  I wasn’t an honest person either. I’m not proud of the harm I caused, I’m remorseful. I was further down my path in addiction and I was facing a non-violent offense for 20 years and knew I was in the wrong, I needed help and went to the Crisis Center I got on medication and saw a poster for OCARTA.  I decided to turn my life around and start new. I attended classes and started working part-time at OCARTA to better myself and have a shot at recovery. I still had to face my sentence of 20 years and it took me 6 years and 10 months to be released. All the while OCARTA told me if I stayed the course they would hire me back when I got out. I got out and got my drivers license back and worked jobs to get a car. Then I came to OCARTA and started back. I buckled down and went through the training and have received my C-PRSS. As a mentor I get to help others and my life is so fulfilling today. I owe it all to God, my 12-step program, and OCARTA for my recovery.





David Thomas

Board of Directors

OCARTA Partners